Top Tips for Renovating on a Budget

January 30, 2021

Top Tips for Renovating on a Budget


If you recently purchased an apartment that needs renovating, your biggest challenge may be how to stay within budget. Most likely, your existing investment property needs updating or you want to simply increase it’s value.

There are many reasons to renovate, but one of your main issues will always be the cost. So if you are on a limited budget, here are 7 renovation tips that should get you over the line.

  1. Fresh paint goes a long way - Any renovation, regardless of size should include a complete repaint of the interior walls, as this will make a huge difference in your apartment. It’s always best to keep the colours neutral, but that doesn’t have to be boring.
  1. Makeover the bathroom without breaking the bank - You can make a big difference by just re-grouting the tiles. For a fresh new look, you can upgrade the fixtures, such as shower head, faucets and maybe even the toilet.
  1. Update your light fixtures - Older buildings tend to have a very outdated selection of lighting and you might be surprised at the impact a lighting update can have on the feel of your apartment. If your budget is extremely tight, start with the lighting in the common areas like the kitchen and living room, updating the others later on.
  1. Revamp your kitchen - Most home renovations aren’t complete without re-doing the kitchen.  It can also be the most costly for a complete renovation. On the other hand, re-skinning your kitchen can cost much less, depending on your choice of materials. Re-skinning means that you replace the bench tops and cabinet doors at the very least – massively improving the look of your kitchen. Depending on your budget, you can also update the splash-back and replace the sink, for a low cost and fast kitchen makeover.
  1. Maximise your closet space - Large custom closets seems to be on everyone’s wish list, so if you have the space in your apartment, updating the closet will definitely improve your lifestyle and increase the value of your property. With a tight budget, you do need to work within the existing space, because enlarging the closet will ramp up your costs. So compare custom made closet interiors with off-the-shelf versions to decide which strategy suits your budget best.
  1. Reuse and upcycle - If the cost of repairing and modernising is less than replacing the items, then that’s your best option on a limited budget. Furniture can be sanded and stained or painted and reupholstered for a great new contemporary look, timber floors can be re-sanded and stained to look as good as new, carpets can be professionally cleaned and broken lighting and appliances can be fixed.
  1. Dress your walls - Decorating with art for the wall is an affordable and stylish way to update the look of your apartment.  Framed art can bring life to an otherwise boring wall or even divert your attention from or cover an imperfection you don’t have the budget to fix just yet. Try different types of wall galleries to suit your style.

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