Space Saving Ideas For Small Apartments

January 30, 2021

Space Saving Ideas For Small Apartments

Whether you live in a regular apartment or a tiny studio set-up, having enough space is a common problem. Whether you have to partition your own rooms or be creative in decorating, apartments usually just don’t have the space that a house offers.

There’s a strategy one goes through when fixing up a small apartment and here are some creative, space-saving ways to bring out your personality in a small space.

Elevate Your Sleeping Area

Use your floor space for entertaining and everyday living. If you elevate your bed, you’ll get so much more room to move around and organize the rest of your belongings. You’ll also be able to enjoy the space in so many more ways.

Combine Areas

Your sofa area can also be your breakfast, work and afternoon tea area too! Add a counter top to the back of the sofa and save space elsewhere by turning one space into two essential areas for your home.

Smart Storage Systems

Typically, apartments don’t have the storage space you need. Cabinets are limited and you’ll need to get creative with how you organize your kitchen and bathroom essentials. With smart storage systems and some fun ideas, you can display and organize your needs with ease and without taking up too much space.

Coffee Table Storage

Double your coffee table as a storage piece. Keep extra blankets or jackets inside to free some closet space for other items. Not only do you get the surface area you need but a place to put store essentials too!

Creative Furniture Placement

The sofa and bed are going to be the largest pieces of furniture you bring into your apartment, so it’s important you get creative with their placement so as to not take away too much space from the rest of the area.

Hang Framed Art

The lack of space may hinder some people from adding decorative elements into their home. Where will you put that beautiful piece of pottery or that big potted plant you love?  One option is to hang framed wall art prints instead.  It will liven up any space, be a conversation starter and can also remind you of favorite memories depending on what you choose. wall art for the home can liven up a space or add character or drama depending on the framed print you choose and the particular space you choose to place it in.

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