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Gallery Wall DIY Tips

June 12, 2020

Gallery Wall DIY Tips


Follow this technique for planning your wall art print arrangement and to avoid hammering unnecessary holes into the wall.

1. Using a roll of kraft paper or old newspaper, trace the outline of each wall art print piece you plan to hang and cut out to create paper templates.



2. Measure (side to side and top to bottom) the placement of the hanger on the back of each frame. Mark the front of the corresponding paper template with the hanger location. 

Pro Tip: For an item with a hanging wire, measure with the wire stretched tight toward the top of the item, as if the wire were holding the weight.

3. On a flat surface (usually the floor), lay out the paper templates a few times until you land on an arrangement you like. Following the layout you just created, use painters tape to attach the templates to the wall. When you've settled on an arrangement you love, drive nails through the paper at the marked spot for the hanger. Remove the paper, and hang each item.

Pro Tip: If you are planning to hang your wall art print gallery wall in a grid arrangement, it helps to use a ruler, tape measure, or level when placing templates to make sure everything lines up perfectly.

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